part of me wants to do really well in school and get an amazing job and the other part of me just wants to lie on the floor and do nothing ever because i’m gonna die in the end anyway


you know how sometimes you want to listen to music

but everything you listen to is just supremely unsatisfying

even if its songs you usually love; they are just so unappealing

and you have no idea what you actually want to listen to 



Here’s a fun april fools day prank you can do. Sneak into my room and place thousands of dollars everywhere. Just on everything. Cover my things with an insane amount of money. Make it a real hassle to clean up. The more money the better the prank.

  • reading in head: i'm practically a master of linguistics my pronunciations are perfect beyond compare
  • reading aloud: *chokes on spit*

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me: ok i’ll study at 8:00

clock: 8:00

me: *pretends i didn’t see*

  • Year 7's: Omg I'm so old now I'm in high school, people will look up to me, I have so much work now!
  • Year 8's: Those year 7's are so small, we're not the youngest anymore, we have so much more work!!
  • Year 9's: We have to choose our options and start GCSE level work, we're so stressed!!
  • Year 10's: We have controlled assessments and GCSE subjects and work experience, HOW AM I GOING TO DEAL WITH IT ALL.
  • Year 11's: Shut the fuck up you cunts.


me throwing my life and responsibilities away:


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Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next.

- Denis Waitley (via lamegrownup)

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the worst type of procrastination is the one where you’re totally insistent that you’re going to be productive, so you spend hours on tumblr, but refuse to catch up on tv shows or anything because “i’m going to work in like a second”